Oct 20, 2010

Signs of the Times: Frankfort, KY Edition

We spent the day in Frankfort, Ky this past weekend. Yes, the main claim to fame is that it is the capitol of Kentucky. It's also a bourbon distillery area. There are two state capitol buildings- both very impressive in their own way. The old Capitol was built in 1830, the new Capitol in 1910. Yes - we call the 1910 building the 'New' capitol. But what caught my eye was the old downtown area. It neat. It's clean. There are houses, shops, museums, historic homes, restaurants, a bookstore and even a movie theater. All very enticing. And all in a walkable area.
Well Done, Frankfort. Very Well Done. We will be back for further exploration. And we are taking people with us.
Just a few of the old signs, both painted and neon, from the historic downtown area:

M.A. Selbert Jewelers

I. Davis since 1877 Mens Wear

The Grand Theatre

M.J. Meagher Family Shoe Store

Good Neon Furniture Sign

John R. Sower Paints and Hardware

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