Sep 6, 2010

Signs of the Times: The OK Corral

If you have driven in downtown Louisville, you know this sign. As in, 'turn right at the OK Storage Building'. It's very large and quite the landmark at the intersection of E. Broadway and Barret as Broadway leaves 'downtown' and heads into the Original Highlands toward Bardstown Rd. Or at least it was until it was covered up by a temporary vinyl banner.There's more under the Kindred Hospital banner, too. This is a very busy intersection, hence the car window shot. This is apparently the home now of Louisville Office Furniture. And there was once a large scaffold sign on the roof, now gone, alas.
I know there is a case to be made for discreet signage. A trip down Shelbyville Road helps make the case. It's cluttered and unsightly. But there are times when, wandering office parks, lost among glass box buildings and the now ubiquitous stucco big box buildings, that I miss a business that proclaimed itself in big letters for all to see. I know - I'm hard to please. But surely there is a middle ground.

OK Storage First In Size Safety and Service Use Allied Van Lines
1100 E. Broadway and Barret
#1 and #2: East side #3 West side

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