Sep 13, 2010

Salute the Suits!

It's September. That means it is time to think abut wool suits. I don't care that it was 89 degrees today. It's time. Fashion Week is showing Spring lines. Is that not crazy? I haven't bought my fall and winter clothes yet. I've barely looked for them. The real world is a topsy turvy place. But as I only dip my toe in occasionally, I can handle it in short bursts.

So let's review what we have in stock in fall and winter suits.

Grey Tweed 1959 Pauline Trigere 3 pc Winter Suit & Aqua Wool Blue 1960s Davidow Suit

Black Wool 1960s Suit by Zelincka*Matlick
& 1960s Hannah Troy Brown Wool Herringbone 3 pc. Winter Suit

1950s Bobbie Brooks All Season Suit & Black Silk 1960s 3 pc Sui

For more information including price and size click here: Past Perfect Vintage

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