Aug 18, 2010

My Second New Vintage Jacket - 1940s Gab!

I am losing weight. A lot of weight. And on purpose. I have sent so much clothing to consignment and thrifts, my closet and dresser are almost empty.
So as I redo my personal wardrobe, the goal is to go Vintage and Green. The plan is to stick to vintage when I can, then consignment, then thrift. Then for new clothes, locally owned shops, of which there are still a few. The mall is the last resort, although I will go there for jeans if I must, and lingerie and socks. I have limits, and lingerie is one.
I already posted pics of my great pink wool 50s jacket from a local vintage shop. This is the second vintage jacket find from a small town, KY antique mall. I really like the multi paneled swing back and the mega shoulders. The one button closure is cool, too. Wearing it open looks great. The fabric a soft yellow rayon gab, and that's a favorite fabric of mine to wear. I did have to do a bit of work on the inside. The shoulder padding was falling apart and I recovered both pads with a light Swiss cotton, and the lining has hung out in the back and needs a hem. So far it it looks good with a black T or turtleneck and black jeans, and with an olive turtleneck and brown pants I already have. And using things you already have is the greenest thing of all.

1940s Rayon Gab Jacket

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