Aug 31, 2010

Let's Talk Vintage Coats

Two of the biggest, and most frequently mentioned, selling points for vintage clothing are the quality and the style the buyer gets for the price point. Nowhere is this more evident in coats and suits. The woolen available today just don't compare nor does the quality of the tailored construction. And now is the time get a vintage fall or winter coat. Most sellers find the prime time to offer these is August to October, then they move on to party dresses for winter and spring. It's true at shows and shops, too, not just online.

Today's blog highlights from our August additions:

1960s Frank Gallant Magenta and Cranberry Wool Tweed Coat

1950s Black Wool Clutch Coat

1950s Blue Wool Tweed Coat by Berkely

for size and price information click here:
Past Perfect Vintage

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