Aug 27, 2010

Grab Your Hat and Purse

It's grab your hat and purse day here. There's black hats from good makers and and there's yellow and aqua. We have sophisticated ladies Borsalino fur felt from Italy, a 1940s beaded felt hat with grand pearls and rhinestones from important milliner G. Howard Hodge of Fifth Ave., a brilliant yellow felt hat with unusual navy and red velvet accents, and a glorious aqua blue velvet Emilio Pucci box purse in an unusual solid color. A nice little range of fun, I do believe.

1960s Emilio Pucci bu Jana purse, 1950s Yellow Hat by Gladys and Belle

1940s G. Howard Hodge beaded hat, 1950s Borsalino Hat

for Size and Price Information: Past Perfect Vintage

1 comment:

Sarsaparilla said...

What a fun collection!

I took a peek at your website, and I think that the lemon yellow hat with navy velvet button on one side and red velvet on the other is my favorite. Sweet!