Aug 25, 2010

Fresh August Vintage - The 20s & 30s

There's more fresh August Vintage at Past Perfect Vintage Clothing. And all from that wonderful Southern Indiana collection. May I just take a moment and thank the sentimental keepers and savers of the world? Without them, there wouldn't be........well, it just doesn't bear thinking about. Sadness would reign. And these garments were kept well. No attics, or basements or costume dress up parties here.
There's a sentimental reaction sometimes when I am able to acquire most or all of a collection. I do come to appreciate that woman's taste and life history. Part of me wants to keep the collection together as a document of her life. It's not possible; the storage alone is out of the question. But the yearning is there.

Gorgeous 1920s/30s Purple Velvet Opera Coat with satin lining. Wonderful ruched collar and sleeves with additional gathering at the side seams. Labeled The Dayton Co. Minneapolis

Lovely 1930s Floral Silk Chiffon Dress over crepe lining with attached
capelet collar and waist ties

1920s Blue Silk Faille Coat and Dress set with embroidery, lame trim and
floral chiffon bodice & under sleeves

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