Aug 26, 2010

August Additions: The Last Fling of Summer

It has been a summer of record heat. Fortunately, no drought as of yet, but my goodness, the heat and humidity. And in the Ohio River Valley, it takes a lot of humidity for us to even notice it.

August is the time to start showing the Fall and Winter woolens, which we did - more on those tomorrow- but with this heat I decided I had to add these summer pieces. There's still time to wear them here in the South and in the Southwest, and hey - It's just Spring in the other half of the world. Just thinking globally here for our New Zealander and Australian friends.
1960s Green Polished Cotton Print Dress by Dynasty

1950s White Linen Dress with Hand Embroidered Daisies
1940s Butter Yellow Linen Play Set 1940s Yellow Floral Rayon Print Bathing Suit

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Past Perfect Vintage Separates

Past Perfect Vintage Dresses

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