Jul 31, 2010

The Vintage 'Voice'

A true collector of vintage clothing remembers the circumstances around every find. Where the dress was found, why that was special, the odds against finding anything, funny coincidences, all the odd details. Well, for those of us who moved into selling from collecting, that is still true. And the longer we hunt for these pieces, the more we learn to listen to the inner Voice that says - Go There. Even though there is never anything at that particular There.

Sometimes the Voice is a siren song, but sometimes, oh sometimes, it is not. I have found an 18th Century gown in a dumpy antique mall, a pristine 1905 walking suit amongst rusted farm implements. That's the kind of finds that keeps me going. These two recent finds aren't in that league, but each still made my day.

First up - lovely and high quality early 1960s silk chiffon summer evening dress lined in rayon crepe. No label - just the threads where it was. Found in a big box flea market filled with yard sale rejects and goods more in the velvet painting ouvre. The kind of place I never, ever find anything. Because even if there is something, it's in terrible condition.

But I was heading home from a shopping trip about 4:30 p.m., and as I was passing by this flea market, the little Voice said - "Pull in. Now".

1960s Silk Chiffon Dress in abstract floral print

Second - not a surprise find, really. But a good story. Got up early, went to the second day of an yard/estate sale. Strange woman. Prices were higher than retail. First thing, she announces to one and all she wants to get rid of it all and offers to bargain. But it turns out her bargain prices on 3 dresses she has marked over $300 altogether would be a big $20 off. Not even 10%. I buy one small dress - not this one - and head out.

We get a cup of coffee nearby. On a whim - we go into a just opened modern clothing consignment shop. Find a wonderful 1970s blue glitter halter dress by Jonathan Logan. A glance back to my high school days. Plus a 1970s Victor Costa dress. Score! I was so pleased to be able to buy 2 pieces from a new shop run by nice people. I tell you, it's the Voice.

1970s Jonathan Logan Blue & Silver Metallic Halter Dress

Both dresses now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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Sarsaparilla said...

What a great post - I total agree about "The Voice."

I haven't yet found anything quite as fabulous as your 18th century gown or 1905 walking suit in unexpected places (or anywhere for that matter) - but it's stories like yours that keep me hunting!

Right now I'm heading over to this wonderful little place that I heard about called "Past Perfect Vintage" to do a little shopping. :-)