Jul 12, 2010

Vintage Shoes, Pretty Shoes

Vintage Shoes are a fine thing. Pretty toes, lovely heels. No claw feet here. Or 6" heels. Or 3" platforms that will break an ankle. Nope. No fashionable 'angry' shoes here. As a petite, okay, short, adult, I see the advantage of a platform, and indeed wore my share in the 70s. But I must admit,now that I accept my height, even an 1" platform looks like denial on the hoof. Everyone can see it. We all know we are short. So make the pretty foot choice. Look at vintage shoes. They will make you happy.

1950s Navy Doeskin from H.P. Wasson

1950s Silk Floral Sandals with Glass Birds on the Vamp

1930s Mint Condition Slip-on Faux Oxfords

All currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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