Jul 16, 2010

Vintage 1916 Louisville Hats

I adore old Fashion catalogs. I want to call the phone number and order every time. This one makes me by want to stop the show room and try a few hats on. I can even find a few things to order in my 1970s Sears catalog, although it's mostly in the housewares section. And that 1923 dress catalog on the bookshelf with the Paris fashions? I die.

The flip side it I get frustrated when I go through them - I see things I like, I have the money for anything shown, even in 70s dollars and especially in teens dollars, and yet - it's not there. I have to remind myself - the store is gone! The time warp gets me every time. Just born way too late. Or alive, but too young and a 25 cent a week allowance. Or making minimum wage as a teenager in 1972.

So vintage catalogs remain a vicarious, double sided, 'what could have been' pleasure.

This one - Baird's Millinery from a large Louisville wholesaler is a delight. I'd take every hat on the page, even the wacky centerpiece.

photos taken, courtesy of Tina and Gena L.


Carys said...

I know that feeling, looking through old vintage catalogues just makes me want to cry! I found your blog today by the way, I just sat and read through all the posts, it's brilliant, the tips on recognizing when a label has been switched were great, it never occurred to me (although I did once see the same high street dress sold in three different vintage shops in Camden with the label cut out!!)
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Sarsaparilla said...

That's so funny - just last night, paging through my 1939 Ward's catalog with the order blank still inside, I was thinking the same thing! Wish I could just order them all...

I'd definitely take all those hats from Baird's Millinery too! Thanks for sharing...