Jul 13, 2010

Signs of the times: Plumbing since 1872

Since 1872!
I find several things appealing about this painted sign. First they list so many services, including coal stokers. I like the way the text is placed between the windows. And then: The Hand. With a cuff and cufflink, to boot. And a bonus - this company is still in business after 128 years! This sign has been here quite a while. According to the Schardein website, this store on 6th St. is the original location. But the sign on the side means this has been a open lot on market for a long time. Because with a building in this lot, this sign would be invisible. The building currently looks to be in the process of renovation.

F.S. Schardein & Sons 129 S. 6th St., visible from north side Market St. east of 6th

Close up of The Hand

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