Jul 19, 2010

Signs of the Times: Pianos

This is the sign that piqued my interest. I drove past this every evening on my way home from work on a free lance job downtown. I wondered: Whose Pianos? How many times was this over painted, only to have the original paint come through? And what did P.P.X.L. mean? And how long ago was advertising so simple that just stating the product type was enough? Or that pianos were advertised this way?
The structure is quite old possibly 1890s or so, as is this painted sign, I am sure. I have
studied this for quite awhile in a larger photo version, and the best I can make out is: "Pianos Henetensero (?) Riehm Music Co." I actually quite like the weathered colors and textures. This one is in an area of Preston St. that has not seen much rehabbing or restoration.
770 Preston St., the Corner of College & Preston

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Alan (Evil) Miller said...

I live right down the street from this building. I believe it is owned by Republic Diesel (Floyd & College) and they might be able to give you more information. I really want to see what this stretch of Preston looked like 40 years ago, supposedly this was a major entertainment and retail corridor before the interstate.