Jul 27, 2010

Signs of the Times: Furniture & Pool Hall

These two sit next to each other on East Market St. What I still think of as the way to Baer's Fabrics, but Baer's is no more. Don't get me started on the loss of Baer's. That's another post. So now it's the way to the Ballet if I am coming from the west.

Greene Furniture is an over paint, and it's not the most recent business in that structure by a long shot. I believe this was Riney Bedding until it closed a few years ago. The Bank Shot was/is? a pool hall and shop in a very old bank building. I am pretty sure it is closed, too, as I have never seen much activity around that building in the last decade or so.

I like the juxtaposition of the two styles of architecture and the two styles of advertising. Old style - it was enough to state your name and what you sold. Newer style - fancy font, a catchy phrase or two, a very big phone number. Even newer? It wouldn't be painted at all. It would be a banner.

Greene Furniture Carpet and Stoves & The Bank Shot, North Side of
East Market St., east of Preston St.

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Robin said...

I almost want to cry every time I think of the loss of Baer's. Tragic :-(