Jul 14, 2010

Pretty Designer Dresses, 1950s edition

Today's post is eye candy. We have two pretty 1950s cocktail dresses new to Past Perfect Vintage, and it's time to share them here. The first is a striking black silk by the California designer Dorothy O'Hara. The neckline is where this dress shines. It's an unusual cut with nude marquisette yoke to show the shoulder and an inset of backed marquisette to echo the V of the neckline. The back yoke line is low to expose the shoulder under the marquisette.

The second is a lovely aqua blue and white watercolor floral print silk chiffon by Ceil Chapman. This designer was well known and is still sought after today for her 1950s draped dresses. I can see why. This dress is light and airy and yet has a ton of handstitching to hold each fold in pplace. And yet it looks effortless.

1950s Black Silk dress by Dorothy O'Hara

1950s Silk Chiffon Dress By Ceil Chapman
both dresses now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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