Jul 3, 2010

Jo Copeland and the New Mannequin

We acquired this lovely dress by Patullo-Jo Copeland several months ago. But it just didn't look right on my old Teens dress form. Or the size 34 bust Wolfe dressmaking form. Or the size 32 bust white display form. The age old Vintage Dealer Dilemma: lovely dress, no form to show it off. So she has languished a bit.
I finally summed the courage, really energy, and started the hunt to replace Miss Teens, who has seen better years and has a lovely size 10 figure for 1914 as opposed to, oh any silhouette in the second half of the 20th century.
My search led me to this new form. Jersey covered, she in pinnable. I got to select the finial and stand. Sz 10 /12 ( and these are a pain to find). The internet is full Skinny Minnie Miss 32s and Miss 34s mannequins. Or Plus Sizes with a 44 bust. But in between? with bendy arms? It's a desert.

So here she is. Unnamed as of yet. Still just The New Girl. But wearing a pretty designer dress in navy blue crepe, with silk faille and heavily beaded ivory marquisette yoke. She thinks it makes here look thinner, and I agree.Late 1950s Beaded Dress by Patullo-Jo Copeland now available at Past Perfect Vintage


denisebrain said...

How about you call her Jo, after her first big success in modeling?

Sarsaparilla said...

The Copeland dress looks very lovely on The New Girl.

Sorry, can't you help out with a name. I do like your idea of naming mannequins though. They work so hard, they deserve it! Maybe if I give my old dress form an endearing name, she'll bring me better luck with future sales!