Jul 1, 2010

Elevators and Washing Machines

I started taking photos of various signs in downtown Louisville because so many of these older were disappearing. These painted signs on the side and back walls of the brick buildings are very vulnerable. Even more so than the old neon signs, which can be salvaged. And as these commercial and industrial buildings are rehabbed, they are often painted, and the signs are lost. Or worse, as warehouses, they are deemed not terribly valuable and are torn down. While the urban destruction is nothing compared to the horror years of Urban Renewal in the 60s and 70s, the last 25 years have had a lot of casualties in downtown Louisville.

These signs buildings were across Jackson St. from each other, and around the corner from Baer Fabrics, a local institution that closed 2 years ago after a run of 100 years. The American Elevator sign is still intact. The Magic Chef/United Furniture is no more. That was the side of the D&W Silks warehouse and it was leveled just this year.

American Elevator and Machine Co Passenger Freight Elevators
on Jackson & between Main and Market, visible from Market

Magic Chef/United/Whirlpool on Jackson between Market and Main
"More women cook on Magic Chef than any other gas range United Furniture Free Parking for our Customers" Now demolished

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