Jul 25, 2010

The Annual Past Perfect Vintage at Etsy Summer Sale!

The Annual Past Perfect Vintage Clothing Summer sale starts now on Etsy! 50% off sounds good, doesn't it?

Oh yes - we do this every year. And it starts now. First up - all vintage clothing ad accessories at our etsy site are listed at 50% off. Vintage Sewing Pattern markdowns will follow tonight! Here's where the action is: pastperfectvintage.etsy.com

Then comes the sale at our main site, PastPerfectVintage.com. And of course we will let you know about that as soon as it starts.

The Past Perfect Vintage Etsy sale runs until August 5!

Here's a just a sample of the goodies on etsy:



Dresses, Ladies Suits & Robes

Vintage Patterns

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