Jun 24, 2010

Two Very Disparate 1940s Prints

I racked my brain trying to see what these two garments might have in common. Womenswear? 1940s? Check. Print? Check. Floral? Check. And that is as far as I could get. It's like that some days. The brain won't go as far down a road as one might wish.
The dress:
Late 1940s rayon with shoulder pads and over skirt in a autumn toned tropical print. Very much a good dress to wear with hat, gloves, big necklace and a good purse. And maybe even some platform shoes. Most people would go with black accessories, but I think the rust or gold would be stunning.

The early to mid 1940s sporty play set:
Two piece pants and blouse in a spring floral linen. Very much a casual , run around cool set to wear on a hot summer day. This wants espadrilles. And a big red plastic bracelet. Added bonus: A Name inked in. 'Beulah Jones'. Now that's a 1940s name.

details on both at Past Perfect Vintage.com

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