Jun 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Dresses

The Tale:

Both dresses are a lightweight silk chiffon in a lovely blue and green watercolor floral print over blue crepe lining.The skirts are circular and were either made as handerchief hems or have hung out identically.

The dress on the left was my mother's in the 50s. I always thought it was from 1952 - 54, or before she married. There is no label. With the birth of two children, I doubt she would have been able to wear it much after that. My sister found it in her teenage years and did some alterations - she lowered the neckline, took in the side a scotch and took the decorative chiffon waist band off.

The dress on the right - I just found in Bloomington, IN last month. Yes - it's the identical dress in it's original form! Certainly a find I would never,ever have predicted. I do love the synchronicity of the vintage world. It is a size smaller. But it's all there. And now I know what my mother's dress would have looked like in the day. But here's what is both cool and a mystery. This one still has the labels. It's a Mort Schrader Jeunes Petites. It also has the 1955 - 1962 ILGWU label.

Now I am confused. This means my mother bought this dress after she was married and between the birth of two children, which means she was far smaller then than I thought! She hated having her photo taken, so there is little to go by.

That or this is my grandmother's dress and she was buying in the Junior Petites department. Which is very possible. I have a red Emma Domb dress of hers that is very swingy.


Now, if only my sister and I would fit in these, we could go out as twins. Twins who don't look alike and aren't the same age!


Debi said...

Wow! What are the chances! They are great!!

Ann Jenkins said...

I love it! I want a photo of us wearing these....just like when we were kids in matching dresses! I bet we're getting close diet wise. The dress was G's---from the juniors sizes. It figures! Too bad I altered it. At least it didn't become a mini!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

So it was g's!! Size mystery solved. Well if we can ever get in these - we will post a photo. But you have to wear the tiny one.

Sarsaparilla said...

That is amazing that you came across the very same dress! It would be fun if you and your sister could somehow squeeze into them.

I think that you should give it a shot, even if you can't quite zip them up. We'd love to see a photo!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

I think we will give it a try as soon as we are in the same state again!