Jun 13, 2010

Real Flowers, Real Garden

There's new vintage on the website, the house is clean, we have visited Tennessee with friends, the garden is weeded. Even the peas and beans are picked from the garden. Today was a Take a Break Day. Don't worry - I'll start posting about the new vintage pieces at Past Perfect Vintage tomorrow.

But for today, a few photos of the buddleias, snapdragons and daylilies. The snap dragons are almost done blooming, I missed getting a photos in their glory. But the big dayliles are just really getting going. The buddleia bush is the first of out the three to bloom. And the butterflies have found it right away. I believe this is a frittilaria, but don't hold me to it!

It's easy to get absorbed in the studio with vintage printed florals. What a treat to get outside and enjoy the real thing.

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Beth said...

A stunning photo of beautiful flowers with butterfly. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature. Iflorist.co.uk