Jun 15, 2010

Pretty Girls all in a Row

I have always been struck by plaster millinery display heads. It's the glamour. Clearly these were sculpted and painted to be a version of the current fashion ideal. I am struck by the stylization. The closet thing out there today are wig heads, which are composite and of course have to be bald. It's just not the same.

These are 4 of my 6 display heads. The other 2? A 1950s dark brunette, very Joan Crawford in style, whose shoulders take up to much space to go on the shelf. And a 3/4 scale 1930s platinum blond jewelry display head who lives on my desk. She doesn't actually work very often, but she is pretty enough to sit idly while the others perform the onerous duty of modeling hats.

All of my gals came to me is disarray. The 20s one was split in half lengthwise. The 50s brunette has a broken nose and peeling paint. The 40s red head - painted orange and a hole in her head! And the 40s blonde - a dinged nose, too. The brunette and blond are very close to their original color scheme. The 20s gal close, but not quite. But the redhead pure invention.

The Past Perfect Vintage team on a shelf


Lisa said...

Beautiful! I would love to know how you fixed them up!
Please share!

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Thank you! Lisa, it took a little wood glue, a little plaster and a LOT of sanding! plus many coats of airbrush paint.