Jun 18, 2010

A Potpourri of Vintage Accessories

The range of vintage accessories out there is overwhelming. Shoes, hats, purses, gloves, scarves......and then there's the menswear. The great thing about accessories is that if you are into vintage or like the unique, but have trouble with fit or work in a non-vintage friendly environment, accessories are still available to you. Vintage purses, shoes or scarves mix beautifully with modern clothing as do vintage ties.

Indeed, it's so much of a good thing that selection can be difficult. And we are about to make it more difficult. Here's just a few of the new accessories at Past Perfect Vintage:

1950s Lewis Purse at http://www.pastperfectvintage.com

1950s Floral Embroidered Pumps also at http://www.pastperfectvintage.com

1950s Wembley Ties at pastperfectvintage.etsy.com

1950s Cavalier Ties at pastperfectvintage.etsy.com

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