Jun 16, 2010

It's Right Here in Black & White: The 30s

We just added three1930s items to the website. And my, my, how it is getting to find interesting things from this era. I grant you, many dresses from this era can be matronly and drab. It wasn't the happiest time. They don't call it: The Great Depression: Return of the Smile! But , man there were still some stunning fashion trends going on. The sleek lines are grand.

And it must be serendipity as I just received a gift of 1930s dress patterns, with great details and lines. I can't decide if I want to copy them to make some day ( I know, an unrealistic dream) or just archive them for research. The sleeve details are amazing ,too.

Well, without further ado:
c. 1939 Black silk chiffon dress with cire satin collar and rose appliques on the bodice and sleeves

c. 1935 Cream Lace Wedding Dress

c. 1934 Black Velvet and Silver Lame Knit Mesh Dress with slight train

For more photos and details: Past Perfect Vintage.com

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