Jun 14, 2010

For the Fans of Vintage Hats

The conventional perception is that we don't wear hats anymore, although that isn't really true is it? We just don't wear pretty, fashionable hats. Baseball caps, visored work caps, stocking caps, western cowboy hats; these are still immensely popular. It's the pretty fashion hats that are hard to come by. Two exceptions are the church hats and Kentucky Derby hats, but those are very specific occasions for a very specific style chapeau. For a few glorious years in the 1980s, felt hats were popular again. I had several that were stylish and great for winter.

All that said, Vintage hats have their own appeal. As a wearable for every day , they make a unique statement. For special occasions - perfect. And for many, they make a grand collectible. Please enjoy this grouping we just added at Past Perfect Vintage. In reverse order of dates:

1950s Peach Felt & Ostrich Plume Hat from Macy's

1940s Blue Felt Hat with Two Tone Ostrich Feather from G. Fox

1910s Wide Brimmed Two Tone Straw with Wreath of Plumes

1880s Bustle Era Wine Velvet Bonnet from Mrs. A. E. Porter, Louisville, KY


vintage eye said...

Those hats are glorious! Wonderful post!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Lovely! I adore that peach feather one! I have a collection of vintage hats and I try to wear them out as often as possible. I don't know why people don't wear pretty hats anymore. Every time I go out, I get lots of compliments on them!