Jun 21, 2010

A Contrast in 50s

As frequent readers know, this is not an authoritative blog on vintage clothing. It's not even a terribly well organized look at past fashions. This is a blog for pretty and/or interesting garments, a few observations, the odd whimsy. Whatever strikes the author on a given day. In that vein, the contrast between these two dresses made me muse a bit today.

Item the First: Earylish 1950s black tucked silk organza dress with lace insets. Nicely made dress, good store label. Youngish in style, but sophisticated Black. It's pretty and even elegant, but not sexy. Would move well, in a Southern Belle way. All about the bodice fit, not about hips or legs.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

Item the Second: late 50s pink silk chiffon cocktail dress. Lots of shirring and draping, this one is also about bodice fit, but now also about hips and legs. Skirt movement? Yes. But a totally different kind of movement in this skirt. The back skirt is two free floating panels of chiffon over a tight chiffon over taffeta underskirt. This time the color is young, but the fit and style are sophisticated. Just one example of the variety of period clothing in the 50s. Thank your stars it ain't all poodle skirt and beaded sweaters.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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XoXo, Vicki said...

Absolutely love all things 50s! These dresses are just darling ;)