May 28, 2010

Vintage Shops We Reccommend , part 4

This week we got to take a day and drive Indiana looking for vintage. I won't divulge everywhere we went - some secrets must stay kept. But we found a shop we had never been in, IndySwank at Fountain Square in Indianapolis. I was looking for an antique shop that used to carry a lot of vintage, but it was gone. Out of business. But I found this one instead. Further proof we may not find what we are looking for, but we do find what we need. It's a neat shop - a very up to date boutique style venue with lots of vintage clothing, men's and women's plus selected artist jewelry, lifestyle pieces, vintage housewares and some neat new fashions. Quality goods, too! Lots of 50s - 70s, with a bit of 40s and 80s in the mix. The owner is Jennifer Von Deylen - be sure to say hello.

Also in the Fountain Square neighborhood: two antique shops and another consignment shop, Venus and Mars, that was sadly closed for the day. And there's at least 3 restaurants on the square. Try Naisa for lunch - wonderful! Plus a vintage duck pin bowling alley. Really.

Here's the information:

1043 Virginia Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Mon & Sat - 11-6
Tues - Fri - 11-7
Closed Sunday

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