May 10, 2010

More 50s Fashion - can there be too much?

I have added all sorts of tracking results to, and can now tell you that the The 40s and 50s is the most hit on page other than the home page. So that means the 1940s and 1950s still reign supreme. They have been popular vintage looks since the 80s at least. The appeal just does not fade. I think it's that the silhouettes look good on so many people and the clothes are so wearable. Plus American fashion design really came into its own then, so the quality is marvelous. And since 1950s fashion is what we have been finding, it stands to reason that 1950s fashion is what I am going to spend the next few posts on.

This small size gown is about as 50s as we get. Okay, no poodles or felt. Or leopard print. But it's sweet, feminine, fitted and bouffant with layers of organza, net and taffeta. The back pouf seals the deal. The roses tucked under the pouf are the icing on the cake.

1950s Coral Organza Part Dress now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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