May 5, 2010

Flappers A-Go-Go (Part 5): The Finale!

At last. The ubiquitous 1920s opera coat. I must wonder just how many people were going to the opera in the 1920s and 30s? Was it the heyday of opera attendance in the 20th century? Were farmers and miners across the USA suddenly getting decked out and taking their wives to see Aida? Madame Butterfly? I know polo has a sudden burst of popularity, but I tough everyone was going to the movies. Why not a movie coat? I think about this because I occasionally design costumes for the opera, and while attendance is good for Barber of Seville and Carmen, it still isn't at a point you would need a specific style of coat to wear.

Or is it that almost all small towns in the US had an opera house? Which despite the name, served as a general performance space for touring theater, musicals and dance. So a dressy evening out was a trip to the opera house? There. It may not be true, but it is logical, and that's all I ask for in these crazy days.

Fabulous coat. Yes? I think. Wine silk velvet, HUGE black fur collar and nifty sectioned sleeves. The skirt cut is grand too. The label? Jay's Ltd. was a very high tone , high quality London venue.

1920s Opera Coat now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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