May 3, 2010

Flappers A-Go-Go (Part 3)

As you may have guessed, this is a multi part series! And with the beaded silk dress and beaded velvet bandeau I posted already, this spiffy coat would complete a period ensemble. 1920s coats tend to have convertible collars that can close high at the neckline or just low at the dropped waist. So does this one. The big fur collar and matching cuffs are true to the period as well. What you can't see here is the great cut with 2 diamond shaped insets at each hip. But you can see the side flare of the skirt and the deep color of the navy plush. And it sports a label from northern Indiana: Gates Anderson Kokomo New Castle . I have been to Anderson. I have been to Kokomo. But New Castle? That one I will have to look up on Mapquest. I do adore finding those smaller store labels. And you don't often see them prior to 1930s.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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