May 8, 2010

About Our New Image

For those of you who may be wondering: What's the new photo all about? Looks like a lot of men and this is predominately, almost exclusively a blog about womens vintage fashion.

The gentleman on the far left in the white vest and smoking a cigar is my great grandfather. The rest is a bit of a mystery. It's a downtown Louisville storefront, but we are not sure where. Who the other men are? Probably business associates as he was in attorney in real estate and banking. I do find the variety of menswear and attitudes fascinating. And notice how much separate space each fella has in the photo. In a group photo taken today, they would all be crammed together.

The last thing I find interesting that in other photos of my great-grand father, while dapper, he is very dignified and patriarchal. He obviously had another side. I have heard about some card games........

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