Apr 29, 2010

It's Flappers A- Go - Go! Part One

We are on a 1920s Flapper streak! Just wait and see what comes to the blog in the next few days. Now I rarely use the Flapper word when writing about 20s fashion. The Flappers were a specific group with a certain fashions - they were young, they were on the edges of fashion with shirt skirts, short hair, cigarettes and drinking. Most women were not flappers- they were school girls, mothers, matrons, etc. I do remember asking my mother is my grandmothers were flappers in the 20s. She laughed. Of course not - one was a married woman with 2 children in 1920, and 4 more children by the end of the decade. And the other was a serious young woman with a job who lived at home.

Neither of them would have ever worn this bandeau. Way too stylish, way too dressy, and way too chic. This is the coolest 1920s bandeau head piece I have had the pleasure to handle. I have had a few others - a small jet one, a celluloid ring, fabric bands. This is white velvet and silver glass beads and wire and a little bit of 1920s Heaven.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

And it's on! Lulu's is having the Annual People' s Choice Awards for Vintage Clothing Websites. Feel free to click on the hand and post a comment with your vote for your favorite 10 Vintage shops on the web. And a vote for Past Perfect will be gratefully noted, naturally!

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