Mar 15, 2010

Think Pink! ( & yellow, & green &........)

Is there a more evocative color than pink? Girly, feminine, candy cotton pink? Shell pink? Rose pink? I doubt it. I am too old to wear most pink now. Maybe a deep fuschia or magenta, or a even a shocking pink in small doses, but not the lovely pastel or shell pinks. But I enjoy it nonetheless. And in Vintage clothing, it's grand color. Summery, Springy and Fresh. That and jonquil yellow and crocus purple.

Okay - I want flowers in the garden now. But since there aren't any there yet, let's make do with these new vintage fashions , all now available at Past Perfect Vintage:

1950s Juli Lynne Charlot Pink Gingham Circle skirt

1950s Pink Linen Summer Dress

1960s Pink, Green & White Sequin Covered Chiffon Dress
from Frances Brewster
1950s Yellow Cotton Day Dress from I. Magnin & Co.

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