Mar 28, 2010

Rain+ Sunday+ Spring = Vintage Florals

It's a Sunday. A Sunday that can't decide between sunshine and rain. Typical March. Typical Ohio Vally March But the daffodils are still out, the tulips and lilac have buds, and a few trees are starting to have that wonderful green haze.

So onto Spring. And it is time! They say florals are hot for spring. Well, Of Course. What else would be? Black wool tweed? We aren't crazy out here you know. Vintage florals are fun, they are happy, and after a long,cold winter, they put some color and light in life. Once all the trees are out, the flowers are up a while, the humidity is high and the temperatures are back to scalding, we want to look at clean, crisp solid cottons and linens. But when can we wear happy florals in taffeta, organza and silk? Spring, dammit. And brightly colored lightweight wools. How about those? Does anyone wear an Easter Suit? They should.

So here's a small sample of Spring:

1940s Print Taffeta Dress from the Past Perfect Archives

1950s Bergdorf Hutton Custom Label Dress in floral organza from the Past Perfect Archives

Late 1950s Floral Taffeta and Matching Rayon Swing Coat available now at Past Perfect Vintage:The 40s & 50s

1960s Davidow Spring Suit in Blue Wool available now at Past Perfect Vintage:The 60s & 70s

1960s Couture Givenchy Silk Dress available now at Past Perfect Vintage:The Designers

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