Mar 21, 2010

Oh, that Bill

That Bill Blass. He kept turning the work out for a long, long time. Day dresses, suits, sportswear, evening gowns. Some of it great, some of it over the top - the 80s were mighty colorful and big, weren't they? And yes, there were the lower end labels, but that's what it takes to stay in business these days. None the less, a truly American designer.

I was happy to find this earlier sample of his work while still under the Maurice Rentner label. This early 1960s 2 pc. dress (blouse top worn over skirt hung on a slip top) has a simple shape, but smart seaming, well constructed and I do like the buttons. I wonder of the 2 pc. dress will ever come back?

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

And a later sample - a 1990s grand pink silk satin ball gown. A bit of a tribute to Charles James in magenta and shell pinks, perhaps?

currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

And lastly - that 1980s period I mentioned? Oh yes. Pin dots with flowers, quilting, braid bounding. The 1980s were hard for everybody.

From the Past Perfect Vintage archives

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