Mar 13, 2010

Fresh Vintage Available at Past Perfect, the Etsy Division

Oh yes- we have added vintage treats to our division. And as you can see, it's Spring at long last. I really didn't think it would ever get here. Really. Truly. February was unremittingly cold and grey with snow on the ground. So a few warm days and we are ready to see the flowers and sunshine .

I have been saving the cottons and linens for just such an ocaasion. The wonderful thing about vintage clothing is it covers the gamut - collectible msueum pieces, bridal wear, special occasion dresses and today's contribution: Everday Wear. There's nothing like vintage cotton in the summer. And the colors and prints are a treat. So please, in the spirt of Reduce, Reuse and Recyle, try Vintage this summer!

1950s Cotton Print Blouse in unworn condition

1950s Blue Cotton Patio/Party Dress
1960s Cotton Patio/ Maxi Dress

1950s Pink Linen Blouse and Skirt Set
and just for the Guys - sz 40L Blue Sharkskin Sportcoat

all available and reasonably priced at our etsy store:

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