Feb 16, 2010

The Real McCoy ( 1950s, Vintage Version)

This is the Real McCoy. Marian McCoy, that is. Do I know who she was? Sorry, no. There were a lot of good California based designers in the post war years. They brought a lot to the table/dress form. This three piece set has the breezy style of 1950s California in a pale aqua blue wool knit with cream applique and aurora borealis rhinestones. Give this gal a convertible, and she will be as happy as the proverbial clam. Give her a Rolls and she will look equally at home.

Sometimes vinatge clothing can be simultaneously of its time and timeless - and this is one of those ensembles.
now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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Sarah said...

What a coolly elegant ensemble! Speaking as an English vintage enthusiast, I'm constantly impressed by the way American designers could produce garments that were both comfortable and relaxed (informal) and yet immaculate and glamorous.