Feb 21, 2010

Civil War Red, White and Blue

Take my word for it the stripes in this blue woven silk are red and white. There's also a touch of green, but still - how often do you see a red, white and blue late 1850s silk dress from Tennessee?
This lovely gown came out of a Tennessee estate auction we hit this past fall. The dress has the fringed peplum, horizontal stripes, dropped shoulders, sleeve wings and balloon sleeves one would expect to see in a just pre-Civil War dress. The bodice had been extensively let out wiht both machine and hand sewing and I spent some time hand sewing it back into shape. A satisfying project I must say. Oddly enough, the skirt was left alone and is in mint condition.

A rare treat for the collector of antebellum clothing!

now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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