Feb 9, 2010

And Now for Something Different

My, I jump around from era to era here at Past Perfect Vintage. Yesterday our topic was 1880s bustle dresses, today it is 1920s wig cloches. Tomorrow??? Could be the 1980s here. Could be 1987 to be specific. It's part of the fun. I really don't have a favorite period in fashion. Just show me something shiny and detailed and I am happy.

Here's today's shiny object: a 1920s gold bullion thread wig. Or cloche, I have seen them called both. It's a wig that acts more like a hat. Or a hat that looks like a wig. I imagine these were quite the glamorous head wear with Deco beaded dresses and a bandeau. I saw this particular thread wig for the first time more than 30 years ago when I was a wee little collector and still wet behind the ears. I thought it was the niftiest thing, so when I saw it at auction recently, I had to have it. Everything happens for a reason.

1920s Gold Bullion Thread Wig @ Past Perfect Vintage


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Shrinky Inky said...

i've never seen such a thing - and how amazing you came across it twice!! it was meant to be yours :)