Feb 12, 2010

Absolutely,Definitely,Without a Doubt: 1987

Oh yeah.
Victor Costa.
Check out the cover of As Seen in Vogue by Daniel Delis Hill.
I love it when these things happen. I know - mass produced and only 23 years old. But still. Pretty cool.
And it's a nifty 1980s dress with the sensibilty and style of the era, but classy in a way that was often lacking in the 80s. Trust me on this. I was there. The deep black velvet bodice is just strong enough to offset the sweetness of the aqua taffeta sash with huge bow. The skirt? layers of black net with velvet bands, aqua taffeta and more black net underneath.
Now I just need a 5'-11" sz 2 model and some long black evening gloves.

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