Jan 11, 2010

Vintage Clothing's Dirty Secret: Label Switching

Back in our June 2009 Buyer Beware Series , we covered this ugly little secret in vinatge clothing. It's called label switching. A seller takes a desired, valuable label from a damaged, unattractive, or even brand new garement or accessory and sticks it in an older dress to increase the value. It happens everywhere: thrifts, flea markets, shops, antique shows and Ebay.

And it's also called Fraud. Granted some legitimate sellers have bought a garment with a fraudulent label under the impression the label was genuine. But you, the consumer shouldn't.

Jody of Couture Allure, our compatriot in selling quality vintage clothing , and a fellow member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, has tackled this issue in depth. And I highly recommend anyone interested in investing their hard earned dollars, pounds, or euros in vintage clothing to study up.

Here's the link:


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