Jan 10, 2010

Not All Fashion in the 1970s was Grim

It is easy to remember and dismiss the 1970s as pretty awful and excessive, fashionwise. Just a quick flip through the Sears catalogue can inspire readera to grab those pitchforks and head down to the polyester plant. Although I am not sure the words plant and polyster shoud ever be used inthe same sentence. And yes, the loud, large scale plaids were everpresent as well as a sad range of rust, avocado and golden harvest earth tones.


There are some very pretty Vintage 1970s prints and natural fibers if one can find them. Presenting Exhibit A:

This charming Youth Guild navy cotton knit floral vintage dress with decorative serged seams , long skinny sleeves, turtlenck, and surprisingly wide hem sweep.

Now Available at Past Perfect Vintage

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