Jan 8, 2010

Deep in the Forest

Deep Forest Green - always a calming, pleasing color and so stunning on blondes and red heads. They really do have all the luck. Combine a great color with a 1940s hat, and it's all good. This envelope hat in deep green plush and grosgrain ribbon has the added attraction of a green leather horse pin. Just the right whimsical touch to balance the serious tailored style.

available now at Past Perfect Vintage


Sarah said...

That's divine! And I love that horse pin - you're right, its a witty touch that prevents the look being too severe.

Jessie said...

Just remember Brunette (almost raven-haired) Vivien Leigh played Scarlet O'Hara and looked stunning in every shade of green they put her in, including the green curtain gown and a forest green dressing gown with gold trim! All this only proves that almost anyone can look great in Forest Green, which is wonderful because I love this hat!