Jan 3, 2010

A Bustle Fiesta, Part Tres

Last fall, we were lucky enough to acquire a grand lot of 1880s Victorian bustle dresses. As you readers know, this is a weakness of ours.

What makes this lot so grand is that they are all from the estate of one woman and saved by her granddaughter who passed away recently at at advanced age. We just don't see these collections come out of local estates much anymore. They are a rarity now.

These are just 3 of the pieces. There are several more bodices without partners, a lovely morning wrapper, 2 shawls, and 2 truly grand gowns yet to photographed. The original owner could be traced too - she grew up in Lancaster Co. PA, married in PA, moved to Louisville, KY and was buried back in Harrisburg. Many of these pieces are labeled Agnew and English, a very old Philadelphia firm. We believe this was a wedding trousseau - the date of the garments are right, almost all purchased from the same firm and all are in a similar style and size.

Enjoy - we certainly have.

Left - c. 1884 Wine Wool Day Dress,
Right - c. 1884 Gold Silk & Green Push Dinner Dress

c. 1884 Blue Silk Brocade Bodice

for details, including price and sizing, please see Past Perfect Vintage

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