Dec 12, 2009

New. Lots of New coming

Oh, my we have been busy. First, that kitchen remodel is done! Then we had an early Christmas. Then we got some 20 items ready and up at, and they are up and going fast. Here's an eclectic sample, but go take look, then come back.
1970 Rodrigues Maxi Dress
1950s Paisley Blouse
1970s Velvet Gaucho Set
1979s Print Blouse
c. 1904 Wedding Bodice Sash and shoes Gold 1880s Bustle Bustle
And now we are prepping quite a bit of added research to the History of Louisville Stores at Nothing like a day at the library and a walk down 4th St in 20 degrees with a strong wind to make a nerdy geek happy! So check that out soon.

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