Nov 14, 2009

Oh Now,THIS is Interesting

I was browsing though the online Leslie Hindman and Kerry Taylor auction catalogues. Alright, I admit it. Not browsing, more like deep studying. And what do I see? A dress in each auction that I have sold myself. Not the actual dress, mind you - but one of the same design. I love it it when that happens! Nothing like having your taste level affirmed. In the Hindman catalogue it's this Geoffrey Beene: Lot 153, A Geoffrey Beene Black Asymmetric Evening Gown

Here's the one I sent to a wonderful home out West:

Looks like a color variation there on the left collar. Now this one isn't a big surprise - it's Geoffrey Beene RTW for heaven's sakes. There must have been a load of them. But this one: : Lot 96 An Agn├Ęs/Madame Havet golden velvet cocktail dress, circa 1927

I am rather amazed! because here is the Agnes/Madame Havet dress I sold last year:

Now this gown had serious condition issues - the beading at the shoulders and hips needed a ton of work, plus quite a few small holes and stains. The underslip straps were shot. It's pinned on the form. If it's the same gown, someone did an awful lot of very fine restoration work. And this one did not have a silver cape.

Prety neat, say what? I ask you, what are the odds?


K.M. Weiland said...

I stumbled across your site while researching Edwardian-WWI styles for my next novel, and I want you to know I'm now thoroughly addicted to it! History and clothes, what could be better?

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

That is very cool, Hollis!

I've gotten 2 of the same exact dresses and a cardigan sweater that I've had in my inventory once before and sold. I know it wasn't the same dress or cardy coming back again, as they were all different sizes from the ones I had the first time around! I get supreme joy when stuff like that happens! (And I'm easily amused, fine.)

Makes you realise that vintage isn't always one of a kind!