Nov 2, 2009

Coming Soon! A Hat Parade In Black and Red

At least I hope these are coming soon! What with the ballet project, (done) the opera project, (done) the autumn leaves that just keep coming down and getting rained on, ( partially done) AND Kitchen Remodel 2: Cabinets of Doom, (nowhere near done) I just don't know how soon that may be. Really, I have no idea.

This is woman with no kitchen sink , cabinets or countertop writing this blog. And Thanksgiving dinner approaches. But I hope to have some new goodies ready for Past Perfect Vintage soon, oh very,very soon. At this point, vintage is therapy.

Until then, let's have a Hat Parade in Black and Red!

1980s Frank Olive in tulle and straw

1920s Black and Red Cloche
1950s? Hattie Carnegie Wine Velvet Toque
1950s Red Felt Henry Margu
1940s - 50s Mens Dobbs Homburg
All hats coming soon, really I mean it, to:

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