Oct 25, 2009

Serendipity = 1880s Bustle Dresses

I tell you - you just never know in the vintage clothing game. People ask me where I find things, I am am not being evasive when I say: " you never know". Wonderful things can crop up anytime and anywhere. Long story short, we were supposed to go out of town and had to cancel. Disappointmnet reigned.

So we did an errand, and got doughnuts. I know - terrible. But they were very fresh and tasty. And made up for missing the usual on the road breakfast someone else cooks. When we got home, there was a message all of 5 minutes old about an estate with "old Dresses".

Called back of course. And it was a now or never sort of deal. 2 suitcases full. And it was worth not getting to go out of town. Here's a sample, forgive the fast and dirty photo:

Oh yeah. 1880s bustle gowns. Old dresses indeed.

A resounding cheer for serendipity was heard at the ranch!


Vicki @ Nostalgic Collections said...

An incredible find! Those are the calls I dream of...

Ginger said...

Oh my goodness! I wish I got those sorts of messages on my answering machine!!