Oct 10, 2009

A Love of 40s Hats That Might Take Counseling

I seem to have a slightly obsessive atraction to 1940s tilt top hats. Percher hats if you will. AKA doll hats. I don't have any idea why. There are many things I am attracted to in clothing that I would never wear which date back to a young exposure to Barbie in 1962. We won't g there now. Too time consuming.

But this 1940 hat thing. A puzzle. Straw is nice, flowers are good , too. But it's the felt ones I seem unable to leave out in the world. And if they have felt flowers - well it's into a shopping bag and get out the checkbook, honey! They are chic, yet tailored, feminine, and truly lend an air of self assurance. Here's sample of my addiction:

1940 Gold Felt & 1940s Black Felt Hats, both available now @Past Perfect Vintage

Two 1940s Brown Felt hats, one with feathers, one with felt flowers,
available now at Past Perfect Vintage

1940s Floral Percher Hats and 1940s Teal Felt with Veil,
from our Gallery of Past Treasures

1940s Straw & Seashell Hat & 1940s Hot Pink & Black Felt
also from our Gallery of Past Treasures

1940s Hot Pink & Black Felt Hat, now available @ Past Perfect Vintage &
1940s Black Felt & Feathers Hat from our Past Treasures Gallery

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Glorious Hats said...

Such a marvelous collection. Perhaps someone runs a group session for those of us with this addiction.