Oct 4, 2009

The Fifties Called & They Want Their Dresses Back

It seems we have been on a 1950s Fashion Run for a bit. Now that would be a great name and theme for a fundraiser, wouldn't it? The 5K 50s Fashion Run to Benefit the Vintage Impaired with a 3K walk for the stiletto wearers! I'd pay to see that, I really would.

As my fellow shoppers and vintage devotees know, the discoveries always go in streaks out there. Sometimes is all the Victorian black I can stand. Sometimes it's a run of hats. This time, oh lucky me, it has been 1950s dresses and suits. Here's just a few of what we have up for sale now:

1950s Red Rayon Crepe with drawnwork details
1950s Yellow Lace and Net Strapless Gown
Fabulous 1950s Organza & Eyelet Wedding Dress

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